Someday your 360 will die

It’s seemingly inevitable that if you have an Xbox 360 it will die. Soon. Hardware failures have happened to almost all my friends Xboxes. It even happened to my original Xbox years ago. And on Monday my Xbox 360 started displaying an E73 error code.

I like the 360 fine, but I can’t do what some of my friends did and buy another 360. It’s so strange to me that you have to upgrade consoles now, or that the solution to fixing Microsoft’s Xbox Hardware problems is to buy another one of them. Xbox consoles have a knack for failing shortly after the warranty period expires. Meanwhile I have an old Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, and Dreamcast that work just fine.1

It might be a simple fix to repair the 360 at home, but it’s disappointing that the hardware even fails at all so soon. Researching a repair leaves you looking at a bunch of results that sound like bullshit or could be scams. But one thing is abundantly clear: you’re not alone — this is happening to a lot of people. Too many.2

I can’t continue to support and recommend a brand with such a lack of build quality. I’d feel too dirty and ashamed.

  1. Ok – last time I checked. But I bet that your old Nintendo still works after nearly 20 years. 

  2. Estimates for Xbox 360 failure rates are as high as 54%