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Much has been written about Phantogram’s 2010 release, so if you want to read more about it it’s pretty easy to find a proper review. They run pretty close to what Mogi Grumbles tweeted.

One thing that’s bugged me about the write-ups is how reviewers focus on their Upstate NY origin, stating things like “HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN WAY UP THERE WHERE THERE ARE COWS?!” It’s not like Saratoga is out in the boonies and devoid of cultural backbone.

I suppose it makes for good PR though.

Track # Title Rating
1 Mouthful of Diamonds ★★★
2 When I’m Small ★★★★★
3 Turn It Off ★★★★
4 Running From The Cops ★★★★
5 All Dried Up ★★★★
6 As Far As I Can See ★★★★
7 You Are The Ocean ★★★
8 Bloody Palms ★★★★★
9 Futuristic Casket ★★★★
10 Let Me Go ★★★★
11 10,000 Claps ★★★
Album Rating ★★★★