My iPad 2 review

It’s better than the last one.1

If you don’t have an iPad and want one get an iPad 2. Or you can get an old iPad for cheaper. You’ll be missing some features, but you’ll still have most features that are on the iPad 2.

But whatever.


If you already have an iPad you probably don’t need an iPad 2. But if you really really want one, fine — it’s your money.

Give your old iPad to your mom, your dad, your sister, your daughter, son, I don’t know, you figure that shit out.

Better yet, take all these old iPads that people are going to abandon and set them up like dominos. Set them off and record video of the whole thing on your new iPad 2, edit it in iMovie on your iPad 2, and upload it to Youtube from your iPad 2.

This video should have a shit ton of iPads. You should have enough iPads to make this video last at least 90 seconds. You’ll probably get a million hits because people are searching for iPad stuff these days.

…which reminds me

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  1. I don’t own an iPad 2.