Friday is an Exercise in Narcissism For All Of Us

Thought Catalog on Rebecca Black’s Friday:

Black and her hastily-produced song represent, at best, a forgettable footnote in a genre of music deeply marred by stupidity – a genre that strives for simplicity and widespread exposure but often wallows in mediocrity. In other words, low points are what pop music does best.

But is it really a scam? I don’t think so. As of this writing Friday is #39 on the iTunes Pop Charts. The Ark Factory is giving their clients exactly what they want. The teen is infamous, she’s on iTunes, people are seeing the Youtube video, and they’re eating it up.

Sure, it starts at narcissism — it starts with the teenagers like Black, then on to the parents who do this for their kids, and/or for themselves. Then there are the people who write the snarky and sarcastic reviews on iTunes and Amazon. There are even copycats who quickly wrote and produced parodies.

It may be Black’s formulaic pop track, but for many of us this is somehow about us and our opinions — which is why we perpetuate it,1 if just for a little while until the next thing comes along.

  1. Guilty.