“For Now, We’re Going With Flash”

Rdio on why they use Flash in their desktop app:

We use Flash on Rdio.com and therefore in the Rdio for Mac app to manage the streaming of audio. This is to satisfy security requirements imposed on us by the music rights holders.

As we continue to develop Rdio on the web, mobile, home audio devices and of course on the desktop, we’ll look into alternative ways to manage audio streaming, but for now we’re going with Flash.

I wonder what these security requirements are and how Spotify satisfied them, or if they’re even subject to those same demands.1

Wasn’t an Rdio API such a heavily requested feature because people, particularly nerdy users and developers who would request something like an API, didn’t want to use Flash?2

  1. Wouldn’t it be something if Spotify hasn’t launched in the US because the rights holders want Spotify to meet these requirements and they refuse to do so because it would hinder their applications? 

  2. Most Rdio users probably don’t mind this, and that’s OK. It’s most important for Rdio to make things simple for their users. But as a nerd about this stuff I kind of want Rdio to feel more like a desktop app like iTunes rather than a web page I have open all the time. Everything considered, Rdio is the best streaming service I’ve tried. Out of their entire user base the nerds are probably the only ones disappointed with the Flash requirement