Rehearsal for iOS

I’m in two productions this spring, so I wondered if there was an app for that. I was thinking about how it could work and I even had a name picked out in case I’d have to build it myself.

But since I don’t know Objective-C or much about Cocoa I did some looking around. Rehearsal is pretty close:

Rehearsal 2, featured in the Times, Fast Company, LA Magazine and BACKSTAGE, is the entertainment industry standard for cast and crew to organize their scripts for auditions and working on the set.

Quick video demo, but I think it’s of an earlier version:

EDIT: David Lawrence wrote me to clarify some of the differences between this video demo and the latest version of Rehearsal.

…we’ve revved Rehearsal to Version 2, and there are some great new things about the app you’ll love:

  1. You can now open your scripts directly from the emails they arrive in, from you agent, casting, production, etc.
  2. You can slide back and forth in rehearsal scene audio – if you go up on a line, just pull the script back to where you want to pick up, or jump ahead to a later point in the script.
  3. We’ve drastically reduced the price, and we’ve gone simple, flat paid app: It’s now just $20 for unlimited usage – no more script, month or year subscriptions.