Rdio for Roku

Macbook Pros, Thunderbolt, and Facetime have taken top billing for today’s news, but I think this announcement of Rdio for Rokku is pretty noteworthy too.1


Things you can do with Rdio for Roku:

  • View and build your Rdio music Collection
  • Enjoy playlists
  • Search and play albums, artists and songs
  • See each week’s New Releases, Top Charts, and music Recommendations specifically for you
  • Scan Rdio’s Heavy Rotation for what’s popular
  • Play music from your Web Queue
  • Check out your music listening History

If you’re thinking about getting an Apple TV, a $99 Roku box with stuff built in that you were going to use Airplay for sounds like an equal, or maybe even better option.

  1. I know I talk about Rdio a lot, but that’s because I like it.