“It’s Hardly A Scam.”

Antiquiet interviews mixing engineer Sean Beavan. Beavan explains how 24-bit audio could be beneficial.

In the intro:

24-bit audio, as even Jimmy Iovine seems to see it, could represent a small revolt against the “Loudness War,” and a refocus on the art. Not a gimmick to wrench a few extra bucks out of our hands, but finally a genuine value-add, and an entirely new reason to pay for music… That is, if the labels don’t fuck it up.

But there is the suspicion that the 24-bit issue is getting pushed to sell Dr. Dre headphones.

Perhaps this 24-bit initiative only exists because it will help Iovine and Dre sell Beats Audio. Or maybe Beats Audio enables Iovine to bring a new format to market that has previously been unfeasible. Either way, it’s hardly a scam.

Ever notice that oftentimes when somebody has to state that something’s not a scam it’s usually a scam? On the other hand, something like “A consumer will never need 24-bit. Ever.” sounds like something that could come back and bite you.

The undertone surrounding this is that record companies want to see if people will pay for 24-bit audio. I bet they won’t.