Discovering Goose Island

A lot of times when I go grocery shopping I like to look at product packaging. Cereal boxes are the most lively product packaging: they’re bright and colorful, and long ago each major brand came out with a cartoon character so that it would appeal to kids.

One thing that’s caught my eye lately is a brand of potatoes: Goose Island.


Goose Island is a farm in Upstate, NY–but before I researched it I imagined Goose Island to be so much more.

After shopping I sometimes drive home wondering about the story of Goose Island.

Chapter One: This Was A Bad Idea

“Finally!” shouted Roger. “An island! Up ahead.”

“Well, I’ll be.” Frank almost couldn’t believe it. “What did I say, WHAT DID I SAY!? Just follow the evening sun and we’re bound to find land.”

The pair started the day excited. Roger had recently gotten his pilot’s license. The two borrowed a plane from Roger’s uncle to try flying over the Florida Keys, but 20 minutes into the flight they were out of fuel. Frank wondered if granting Roger a license was a mistake.

So here they were, floating in their life jackets in the Atlantic Ocean, their prayers answered.

Chapter Two: French Fried

Roger and Frank swam to the beach. Roger layed down in the sand to rest.

“Roger,” Frank said. “Something don’t seem right about this island. It smells like potatoes.”

“Nah, that’s just yer imagination. Besides – what’s so bad ’bout potatoes?”

The pair searched the island for hours looking for help or a way home.

“Do you hear that,” asked Frank. “Some kind of rustling…”

“What? There you go imagining things. I sure could go for some french fries.”

“Look! Over there.”

There through the palm trees was a site neither of them had ever seen.

Roger gasped. “Potatoes! EVERYWHERE!”

Potatoes as far as the eye could see in a sunny oasis.

Roger and Frank ran to the potatoes, diving into them like Scrooge McDuck and his money bank. They even started throwing them at each other like snowballs.

Roger laughed. “Frank! Why should we ever leave? We could LIVE off these potatoes for the rest of our lives!”

A distraught goose watched from a distance…

Chapter Three: Duck, Duck, Noose

I think you get the idea.