Album Length

Glen Peoples wonders if people would’ve pre-ordered King of Limbs if they knew it was only 8 songs long:

…Now, there’s nothing wrong with an eight-song album. Quality over quantity, right? “The King of Limbs” does deliver quality. But these days it’s hard to find an album that doesn’t have at least ten songs. Eight songs is a long EP (even if it does run nearly 38 minutes).

David Harrell on Digital Audio Insider responds:

…I’d argue that longer-album trend (as measured by number of songs and total playing time) that coincided with the rise of the CD format might not be a permanent one. While the CD format remains the biggest seller, as digital album sales increase, maybe artists will feel more free to release shorter works that don’t take full advantage of the storage limits of the delivery device.

I think 35-40 minute albums are the sweet spot. Anything over 45 minutes…come on, I have things to do, not to mention other music to listen to.