Nook friends is a site that lets Nook users lend each other books.

Via Justin Blanton, who writes:

Quick, someone make this for the Kindle (which just added book lending). (Relatedly, no one actually owns a Nook, right?)

I know two people who own Nooks, which makes it twice the amount of people I know who own Kindles (that would be me). My gut feeling is that the technical nerds who do all their shopping on Amazon want Kindles and normal people who are used to buying books in a traditional retail store want Nooks.

Why’d they want Nooks? Because you can get library books on that device, not the Kindle. Which is weird, because the way it was described to me is that you have to jump through some hoops and get an Adobe epub manager application – pretty much an iTunes for epub that looks like Adobe Bridge. And then you have to wait for the electronic book to be available if it’s already out.

You’re right, it doesn’t make much practical sense.