iTunes Controllers

With Sophiestication taking heat over Coversutra 2.5 a lot of suggestions of other iTunes controllers have been popping up. I’ve tried out the following:

  • Bowtie
  • Tracks
  • TunesArt

All three of these are good iTunes controllers, but here’s why I’m sticking with Coversutra.

Coversutra lets me use shortcuts for rating music a specific star rating.


None of these, with the exception of TunesArt, lets me do this.

You can increase and decrease ratings through shortcuts. Here are the shortcut preferences for Bowtie 1.3:


But increase/decrease ratings shortcuts don’t feel right to me. You need to think about too many things. What is the current rating of the track? What is it now that I’ve hit that shortcut 2 times? Did it stick? Is there a bezel or something that pops up to confirm my rating?

I’d rather hit a shortcut to rate something a specific number of stars than to have to think about that stuff.

That said, if that stuff isn’t important to you then I highly recommend Bowtie.

So why Coversutra over TunesArt? I just think Coversutra looks nicer.