Ian Hines’s Coversutra Shortcuts

I like them. His search shortcuts are so obvious I’m almost embarrassed I didn’t think of them earlier.

However, I’ve been using Launchbar to do iTunes searches for three reasons:

  1. I think it’s faster
  2. You have to take your hands off the keyboard to take actions other than “play” on the search results
  3. You can use “Play Next in iTunes DJ” in Launchbar. Coversutra only offers “Add to iTunes DJ.”

That third one is a biggy for me.

Ian adds:

My only wish would be for a shortcut to trigger a Genius Playlist based on the current track. Currently you can enable/disable Shuffle & repeat, but not Genius Playlists. Hopefully in a future version.

I hope so too, but I don’t think it’s possible in the current version of iTunes. I’d love to do this from Launchbar, but there’s no way to access that Genius button through Applescript. It’s not even an option in the iTunes menus.

EDIT: I’ve disabled iTunes indexing in Launchbar to give Coversutra another shot with these shortcuts.