Things was never really a GTD app

People like Shawn Blanc and Ben Brooks are abandoning the todo app Things because of its lack of over the air syncing.

Ben Brooks:

…I think you are throwing away good money if you buy Things at this point. The development has stalled and seems hell bent on only releasing bug fixes. OTA sync should have been done over a year ago — I just can’t recommend this app anymore.

Things is a beautifully designed application that was never really a good GTD app. That’s where Omnifocus really shines. Omnifocus isn’t as pretty as Things, but it has contexts, someday-maybes, all of these features that are essential for those that follow David Allen’s methods.

I don’t recall Things having any waiting contexts and someday/maybes, but it’s been a year or so since I last tried it. How do you do a weekly review in Things? Omnifocus has a whole mode dedicated to letting you sleep well at night having a better weekend.

What did Things have? Tags. Tags are ok for sites like Delicious and, but for a todo app? It’s just another thing to manage.