The Age/Gender Plot

Stick your username into this demo and see where you fall on a gender/age plot.

This plot shows artists from the chosen top for each of the given users. The positions are determined by the average age and gender of their listeners. The dots indicate the combined score of the top ten for each user.

Here’s what mine looks like for the past 6 month of scrobbling:


Here are a few things I find not surprising:

  1. Groups like Chicago and Tangerine Dream are at the upper end of the age spectrum.
  2. Lady Gaga is almost exclusively scrobbled by females.
  3. Women don’t really like Squarepusher.

And some things I thought were out of the ordinary:

  1. The Beatles fall with users around age 23 more than older age groups.
  2. Most men don’t like Morrissey…ok – maybe that isn’t so surprising.
  3. Giorgio Moroder, who wrote tons of movie soundtracks and disco tunes, is scrobbled more by men around age 27 (maybe that’s Midnight Express showing).

Of course the dataset consists only of people who use and set up their music software to scrobble, meaning the data is already skewed towards technically adept users (note how the chart doesn’t go much further beyond 35 years of age), which isn’t quite representative of the general music listening population.

But I think it’s the best data available for playing around.