(Perscription) Drug Use Rising Among Children

Man this is scary.

More than a quarter of U.S. kids and teens are taking a medication on a chronic basis, according to Medco Health Solutions Inc., the biggest U.S. pharmacy-benefit manager with around 65 million members. Nearly 7% are on two or more such drugs, based on the company’s database figures for 2009.

The article goes on to say that this isn’t just things like ADHD and asthma medications, but prescriptions for diabetes and other afflictions found in adults.

I don’t remember any of my childhood friends having to take any medications—maybe one had a respirator.

This article doesn’t compare the findings to any previous data. I’d like to know where the US stacks up in comparison to other countries, particularly ones with universal health care. I get the feeling that it’s a good idea that we can’t afford because of things like this.