Not quite sure to make of this S.510 / Food Modernization thing

Because Eric Schlosser and Michael Polan believe it’s the greatest movement in food safety practices in…well, ever:

The bill would, for the first time, give the F.D.A., which oversees 80 percent of the nation’s food, the authority to test widely for dangerous pathogens and to recall contaminated food. The agency would finally have the resources and authority to prevent food safety problems, rather than respond only after people have become ill. The bill would also require more frequent inspections of large-scale, high-risk food-production plants.

But detractors claim it gives way too much power to organizations like Monsanto, which they insinuate is no accident because the bill will be overseen by a former Monsanto attorney:

The government would now have the power to simply wipe out entire fields or herds due to “rumors” of disease, with no need for proof. The elimination of biodiversity, for both plant and animal, benefits companies like Monsanto, that hold patents for genetically engineered substitutes. This practice has devastating potential for our food supply, but the monetary interests seem to overrule commonsense on this issue.

Sounds scary.