Why Your IT Guy Won’t Buy You An iPhone

It used to be that when you got a job your company’s IT staff told you what to use and you went to town, even if you hated it. But now that products from companies like Apple and Google are getting used at home IT directors now face resistance when they issue their users tools like an old Windows Mobile phone without a text messaging plan.

Farhad Manjoo writes about the battle between IT staff and their own users in the November 2010 issue of Fast Company:

…Hamstrung by having to maintain backward compatibility and bureaucratic security and legal policies, now the IT guys are getting left behind. Why accept Outlook 2003 when you can just use Gmail?

We should all hail the Facebookization of the tech industry. In our never-ending search for the newest and best, we home users are wildly promiscuous: We’ll flit from Friendster to MySpace to Facebook to whatever comes next, because we can. As a result, the tech companies that want our money must work much harder than the firms selling to IT guys. They have to constantly make their products smaller, faster, more powerful, easier to use, all the while keeping prices low.