The Brains Behind Bieber

Billboard interviews Scott Braun. Braun is Justin Bieber’s manager.

THR: What do you think is the biggest problem plaguing the music business right now?
Braun: A lack of understanding that we’re no longer a music business. We’re a multimedia business. We’re a branding business where the music, the songs and stars are the drivers, but at the end of the day, we have to be willing to open ourselves up to different revenue streams.

THR: Same question, but with the major labels.
Braun: They’re built on a structure that’s still based on a failing business. Doug Morris is a legend and what he did was incredible, and I think there’s some great new leadership with [Universal Music Group CEO] Lucian Grainge, but he has a tough job ahead of him. You see the moves that [chairman and CEO of recorded music for Warner Music Group] Lyor [Cohen] is making and he’s very capable. Barry Weiss is a brilliant guy who doesn’t like to lose either. There’s some good leadership out there and I think they’re heading in the right direction.

They also cover the difference between Bieber and other teen idols, his similarity to Michael Jackson (Jackson 5 Michael Jackson) and how Bieber got discovered. I had no idea he was found on Youtube.