My Dad Was The Game Master

Alex Phillips interviewed his Dad Howard Phillips for Vice in April 2009.

If you read Nintendo Power growing up you know who Howard Phillips is.

On the bow tie:

Alex: Why did you wear the bowtie?
Howard: I never liked wearing ties. They are big honking pieces of cloth that weigh a lot, and when you wear them and go around corners you can feel it. Bowties are simple and easy, just like tying a shoe. It was a better thing all around.

Alex: Did Nintendo try and brand you with it?
Howard: They didn’t play it up at all. It was my choice. But the media did because they were a bunch of straight-tie goofballs.

In 4th grade my class had to do one of those things where you make some kind of card for the classroom saying who you wanted to be when you grew up. I said I wanted to be this guy. Nobody knew what I was talking about.