More proof that Taylor Swift fans don’t know about P2P

NPR takes a look at Taylor Swift’s record release:

David Bakula, the Senior Vice President of Nielsen Entertainment, says that even with an audience as young as Swift’s, you can’t count out the traditional outlets.

“How a consumer chooses to purchase music is more about demographics of the fans rather than volume of sales,” Bakula says. “In Taylor’s case, her demographic appears to be significantly connected to digital, but at the same time the vast majority of her fans are still purchasing the physical album with 73% of her sales coming from CD.”

I asked my 13-year old niece if she got the new Taylor Swift CD album, and before she could answer, her mother (my oldest sister, who I think stopped listening to music in 1996) interrupted with how there’s a song about John Mayer on it. OMIGOD!

I also saw a Taylor Swift Body By Milk ad in an Everyday Food magazine:


Is the market for Taylor Swift really teenage girls, or is it their mothers?