Fall 2010 Low Carb Update

For those of you interested in what I started here, whether you care about my well-being or are just curious about adopting a low-carb lifestyle yourself, here’s an update.

My highly optimistic goal was to be at 180lbs at the end of October. Instead I got to 192.5. Still decent and better than any other progress I’ve made in the past, but most importantly still going down.

So what’s the deal? Could I have gotten down to 180? Maybe. I had to spend some time out of town, and when you’re eating on the go it is very difficult to stick to the low-carb guidelines, so I compromised a few times.

I also haven’t been so great at exercising as much as I think I need to.

Office celebrations and treats create awkward situations sometimes. One time somebody brought in cupcakes and offered me one. I declined, explaining my circumstances, trying not to appear rude. I think I fared well during the Halloween season. I only had one mini-Milky Way. It’s interesting just how much those sugar cravings go away when you choose not to have them anymore.

What’s been pretty nice so far is that while my changes don’t appear to be drastic, they aren’t unnoticeable. I’m back in pants that I haven’t worn in 5 years. When I wore a belt it was almost like an accessory, but now it’s a necessity for jeans I’ve purchased in the past few years. I went clothes shopping on Sunday and for the first time in years I bought sizes that were lower than what I was wearing.

As far as negative health effects (a few people have told me that they read somewhere that this is dangerous, it can form gall stones or something) I haven’t had any problems, at least to my knowledge. I have my usual checkup in January, so we’ll see how that goes.