A short summary of what’s happened on “The Walking Dead” so far


Episode 1

I’m a cop and there’s some maniacs driving around. Oh shit! I got shot and then I woke up in a hospital. Nobody’s here, and there’s goddamn zombies everywhere! This guy and his son helped me out, so we showered together. I feel better. Now I will go to Atlanta to find my wife and son.

Oh fuck! ZOMBIES!

Episode 2

Some people helped me out, but some of them are super pissed at me. One guy is an asshole, so I cuffed him to a pipe on a rooftop.

Atlanta was a bad idea. Me and another guy disguised ourselves as zombies so we could get some wheels and drive out of this place.

Oh shit, more zombies! And this other guy lost the handcuff keys! I hope nobody’s pissed when we tell them we left that racist guy behind.

Episode 3

I found my wife and son, so that’s good. But get a load of this. Somebody actually was pissed we left that racist guy behind, and he’s ALSO a racist guy. So we’re going back to get him. Good times.

I thought I’d love this show, but every week I become more skeptical of how they’re going to make this entertaining for more than a few episodes.