Election season is a shitty time on social networks

From Parents on Facebook:

Mom and dad and aunts and uncles became the most prolific of facebook users. And, with the election brewing, facebook became suddenly a horrible, horrible place.

Being a Democrat myself, I enjoyed posting links, articles, and posts supporting Obama and mocking the Republicans. My target audience, of course, were my mostly left-leaning friends. But now things were different. Every (and I mean every) post was followed by a series of sarcastic, scolding comments from my conservative family members. Emotions were high during the election, but I think we all know that there is a special awful-ness that comes along with arguing politics with your parents. Its always personal, and always nastier than arguments with non-family members. And, lets face it, its never really about politics. Its about the disappointments you feel toward one another, and politics is the mask these resentful arguments wear. Sad but true.