Shigeto On Why You Should Learn Proper Instrument Technique

When I was at Crane they would sometimes have workshops on proper instrumental technique. Since I was a vocal student there wasn’t much to it other than standing up straight and something something diaphragm. If you’re an instrumentalist it’s actually incredibly important to know the proper way to hold yourself and your instrument. Otherwise, you’re risking chronic pain that can cripple your talent.

Zach Saginaw, a musician recording as Shigeto (and also has a free EP on Ghostly International), is a jazz musician that didn’t learn that technique, and injured himself:

I think it was in 2003 when i started to develop chronic tendonitus in both of my arms, mainly a result of drumming with poor and self taught technique. my only “classical” training was in college so most of my life was spent using my own technique that put a lot of strain on my arms. It got to the point where it hurt to brush my teeth or lift a cup of coffee. I couldn’t play. It was horrible.