MSN Spaces Closing

Microsoft will migrate all their users to

From Matt Mullenweg

Four years ago I was fairly worried as every internet giant (Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Google) had a hosted blogging service. Now only Blogger remains, and is firmly in our sights.

Cameron Moll adds:

Blogger, no doubt, has the lion’s share of everyday bloggers. But if I were Matt, I might be more concerned about Tumblr as the most credible (and future) threat to

I wrote before that I’ve been flirting with Tumblr, but I haven’t completely jumped in for a few reasons:

  1. The Queue system just doesn’t work right now.
  2. Likes and reblogs, while nice features, I think encourage, well, these kinds of posts.
  3. What happens when/if Tumblr shuts down?

Because of that I’ve really been using Tumblr as a vehicle to post links onto Facebook. If Tumblr were to break down / shut down / blow up, no big deal, because all I have over there is a social networking dolphin.

On the other hand, Tumblr is so easy to set up and use that if you’re looking for a hosted service then that’s the first one I’d recommend.

I also admire how seemingly easy it is to make your own theme. If you want to do that on WordPress(.org) then you should have some familiarity with the WordPress loop. But on Tumblr all you need is some comfort with HTML, CSS, and the Tumblr documentation nearby.

That’s the one thing that’s made me want to archive my WordPress install and move over.