Thanks For The Help, Random Search Results I Don’t Want

This is something my ISP does when it can’t find a URL. Rather than default to your browser’s “Page Not Found” message it displays a page of Yahoo provided search results. This example shows the page you’re sent to when looking for

Screen shot 2010-07-02 at 3.47.13 PM.png

According to them this is meant to assist me. I could find this query useful, so I’m presented with 5 search results surrounded by advertisements that are good candidates for a junk mail folder.

Note how nothing here has anything to do with putting out the fire, nor am I commended for being able to type such a long url while ablaze. Instead I’m offered some information about:

  • Acai Berries
  • Fire insurance
  • 17th century materialism (?)
  • Adult cakes

You can opt out of this stuff, but I still think it’s deceitful. It offers a ray of hope for inexperienced users where there isn’t one. It’s only purpose is to get you to click on ads for garbage like acai berries.