If Text Messaging Rates Were Applied To The Post Office

Postal Worker: Oh Dan, you got a letter today.
Me: Really? Oh great.
Postal Worker: Yup. That’ll be 44¢.
Me: Um, what?
Postal Worker: Yeah, 44¢. You were sent something in the mail, through our network, and it costs 44¢ for you to receive it.
Me: Yeah, and if you look at the envelope you can see the sender paid that postage.
Postal Worker: Yup. Now it’s your turn. You both pay.
Me: That’s ridiculous! Why should I be subjected to fees based upon what other people send me? I have no control over what other people send me!
Postal Worker: 44¢.

[Reluctantly pays 44¢]

Me: Oh nice. It’s pictures from my sister and her family’s trip to Montreal.
Postal Worker: Pictures? That’ll be $1.29 per picture then.