How is Instapaper still around?

I wonder why the Times et al. haven’t complained about Instapaper yet. It might not technically infringe on copyright, but magazines and newspapers can’t be too happy about an app that strips out all the advertising from their articles…as much as we would all be sad to see it go.

Indeed. I love Instapaper, but often wondered this same thing when I see most of the recommended articles seem to be from The Atlantic or Newsweek.

I loved reading the recommended articles from The Atlantic so much that I bought a subscription. But they take forever to arrive, and by the time the issue gets to my mailbox I’ve already read the interesting articles online with Instapaper.

But now I have an iPad, so why should I bother renewing my subscription? (I suppose the easy answer is I’d renew to support The Atlantic.)

Shame on them (or maybe my local USPS branch) for even letting this question pop up in my mind.