Scheduling Leisure Time Guarantees It Happens

A recent chat between me and a buddy of mine:

Me: I made my “games to play” list. It’s like a bucket list for games.
Me: RE5 is the current contender.
Friend: Dan.
Me: haha
Friend: You know how we can tell we’re nerds?
Friend: We prioritize our gaming lists.
Friend: Hell, I even block out time to play.

Yup, I have a games context in Omnifocus for games I’d like to play. I also do the same for music to check out.

I also used to schedule downtime like this. I’ve been thinking of getting back into doing that. For years I spent a lot of time going through books. 7pm – 9pm was scheduled time to learn something. I learned HTML and CSS that way, and (I believe) enough about Logic Pro to pass a Level 1 certification exam.

Then at 9pm, or 8:30 if the lesson was over, it was leisure/game time.

I was able to maintain discipline because I allowed myself leisure time, just later in the day. To reward myself for learning something new, or working on a track, or getting whatever pursuit of the day finished, I could look forward to that scheduled downtime. 

I know that’s basically The Now Habit. It’s like having that sandwich to look forward to.

Sad? Nerdy? Maybe not so much if it actually works.