Link: I Like You Like More Than Friends – The Awl

…Becoming a man isn’t a question of age, but experience. I imagine many boys become men when their father hits them for the first time. Perhaps all boys become men when they go off to war. Hardship and turmoil, I think, is the turning point for lots of young males, the moment when they say, “Oh, so this is real life.” For me, I’d never felt more like a man than when I would lie in bed with E, her white hair blurring into my pillowcase. I loathed my job, occasionally struggled to pay rent and longed to do something creative with my time. But she made me forget all of that, replacing those considerations–which made me feel so small–with the realization that love from the right person can make you almost certain that you’re the most powerful being on earth.

Cord Jefferson – I Like You Like More Than Friends

Probably the best thing I’ve ever read on The Awl.