In Over My Head, Cobblers

I don’t know if you could call it a trend, but it seems there’s a niche group of young men interested in style and dressing up. They wear blazers, cufflinks, and all sorts of stuff I’ve never had in my closet.

I’m trying to educate myself, so I bought a book all about men’s style.

You can feel in over your head, especially when you read a passage like this:

Soles wear out long before uppers do. One way of ensuring your sole’s longevity is to take your new shoes to your cobbler (you have a cobbler, don’t you?) the day after you buy them…

As a matter of fact, no, I don’t have a cobbler.

It feels a little weird going from “Hey, spaghetti stained t-shirt guy, don’t worry – we’ll get you up and running to not be such a slob.” to “WTF – you don’t have a cobbler? BOO THIS MAN!”