Facebook today is like Microsoft Project 2003

If I had to compare Facebook to anything, I would say that it is turning into Microsoft Project 2003.

Microsoft Project 2003 was the project management tool for any serious project manger. It was more or less unrivaled by its competitors, being much bigger than anything else out there. It could do anything. It had a gazillion features, it could be extended, you could run it as a server, and you had an intense amount of control over every little thing.

But that was also caused its demise. It’s shear size meant that it turned into a beast of complexity…To use it effectively, you had to go through many steps, which in turn meant that you would be using more time fiddling with the interface, trying to manage each task, than actually doing something.

Sounds like it could be true, but I think people put up with a lot of garbage if they think there’s something in it for them. With Facebook that could be anything like Farmville, inviting people to their show 500 miles away, encouraging votes for contests, or just increasing the chances of a hookup with some girl they went to high school with.