DVD read error of death

I guess I’ve been lucky that I’m on my first and only Xbox 360 (a Halo 3 Xbox 360, which drives all the chicks wild). I haven’t had scratched discs, nor have I had the red ring of death. My problem is that this thing has a hell of a time reading DVDs sometimes.

From the Wikipedia:

When an Xbox 360 cannot read a CD/DVD or game disc, it may not recognize that it has a disc in its drive. Instead of “Play Game” or “Play DVD”, an “Open Tray” option appears. The issue is linked to a dirty laser in the DVD drive, a magnetic problem that prevents the drive from spinning, or insufficient lubrication of the drive motor.

In the past when I heard about people having problems with their Xbox 360s I gave Microsoft the benefit of the doubt. The problem must be that some airways are covered up, or dusty. The machine must be overheating. Serves these guys right for not taking care of their equipment.

But then you see that there is an entire Wikipedia entry on technical problems for the Xbox 360, or that somebody is on their 12th Xbox.

I’ve been trying to watch Crazy Heart for the past 30 minutes with this “open tray” error. When I actually get it to load the machine locks up. I never make it to the DVD menu.

This never happens with game discs.

Even the original Xbox had this kind of problem. I sent mine back once for repair, hoping that I’d get a Samsung drive in the repaired/returned/refurbished unit.

Part of the reason people buy game consoles is so that they never have to think about what kind of DVD drive is in it.

Photo by operativegabriellogan, used under a Creative Commons license.