Delta lost a puppy

This is a sad story of a guy who brought his puppy, Paco, with him on a Delta flight only to land and be told the airline lost the dog.


One hypothesis my brother has (he’s into planes/flying) is that when the dog was put with checked baggage they forgot to heat that part of the plane. Airlines don’t typically heat cargo unless they need to. He claims that it can get below freezing. So the dog may have died during the flight from the cold.

So rather than say “uh, we accidentally killed yer dog” they’d rather say “we lost your dog, we think he escaped.”

Anyway, that’s speculation.

If you’re into social media case studies (AND WHO ISN’T THESE DAYS DERPA DERP) you may find it interesting that Delta hasn’t addressed this on their blog. Their last article was about raising a million dollars for breast cancer.

All the perceived good done from that act, I suspect, is wiped out by this Paco situation, at least with dog lovers who know what’s gone down.