This guy eats a lot of eggs


Frederick Hahn, co-author of The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution, outlines a typical day’s meals.

His breakfast: 4 poached eggs with hot sauce and butter, 4 strips of bacon, and coffee with heavy cream. I assume there’s no sugar in that coffee.

He’ll have another two eggs for a snack along with fish (sardines / shashimi) and some salad with meals.

He never has desert. Nor does he have any grains.

Nope, no bread, pasta, rice, or any grain product whatsoever. I rarely eat fruit – I generally only eat the wild berries and other fruits we planted in our backyard when in season. In the winter I eat no fruit at all.

Make no mistake, the dude is in shape and could probably put you down in one punch if he wanted to. I don’t know for sure if he only exercises for the 30 minutes a week that the Slow Burn recommends.

My father bought me this book. I have to try the workouts before I can really see how well it works for me. It seems like 80% of this plan is changing the things you eat, which, if you follow the meal recommendations, could have you eating a lot of eggs.

Photo by nickwheeleroz used under a Creative Commons.