The Pink Floyd Test

The Pink Floyd Test is a highly unscientific method I’ve developed to determine if a streaming service can play gapless albums.

To test, play a Pink Floyd album. If you hear gaps between tracks, you lose, good day sir.

If not, you’ve discovered the future. No streaming service I’ve tried has done this.


Mog has the potential to be an awesome streamer, but for it to be a serious contender it needs to pass the Pink Floyd test.

Maybe that doesn’t matter to you, and if that’s the case you may be interested in Mog’s $5 all you can eat streaming music plan and three-day free trial.

But that matters to me.

I will know in about three minutes.

[3 Minutes Later]


It failed.

1 thought on “The Pink Floyd Test”

  1. Been trying Mog for a few days now. Found it pretty thin on some more obscure releases (like the new Breakage). Also, the new Shooter Jennings is listed as his collaborator Hierophant.

    The Radio feature can be confusing too because it’s on by default.

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