Making The Case For Useless Degrees

Andrew Bast defends liberal arts, writing for Newsweek:

It’s true that studying the humanities will surely elicit snide comment from your uncle like, “All that studying so you’ll be able to ask, ‘You want fries with that?’ ” You should tell your uncle to shove it. Majoring in the liberal arts is still the best use of your college tuition.

…In your first job out of college, pretty much everything is going to be learned at work…In fact, there is a good chance that when you’re pitted up against four other candidates and you can explain to the hiring manager how your history degree has helped you understand complex problems in perspective, you’ll stand apart as someone who’s more insightful than the others who are just towing the line.

Although, he admits that this doesn’t work for medical professions and other disciplines, but that a liberal arts education is just fine for the majority of careers.

If you think that your future career is largely guided by a measly four years of study, you’re selling yourself short, and giving these systems of higher education way too much power over you.