abandons on-demand playback is getting rid of their on-demand playback system.

They know what they’re good at.

… users are among the first to adopt new music technologies. Accordingly, many of these new services are now adding — or have already added — scrobbling support. Our scrobbling data shows that, for some time now, people have been using multiple music services and devices, then coming back to their profiles to answer the question “what should I hear next?” and to see / show off all their listening united in one place.

…we are retiring our own on-demand track streaming…We feel strongly that we can better fulfill our core mission by instead connecting our users to services in the ecosystem that, unlike us, focus primarily on a jukebox-in-the-sky streaming experience…

We believe that this renewed focus on as the definitive online home of your music taste and your base for music discovery – regardless of where you listen – will help improve not just our users’ musical lives but the overall online ecosystem as well.

I suspect that all these new services, like Spotify and Mog, got different licensing agreements than did. So rather try to directly compete they’re choosing to supplement.

Which I think is a good idea. It keeps active no matter which method is the preferred way to listen to music.

I never used the on-demand playback for some reason.