Dollar Bill Redesigns Y’all

These conceptual new designs of American paper bills look excellent, I think.

“Here are the main ideas in this design: Money and the color green are inextricably intertwined in American culture. I think it’d be a mistake to remove green as the primary color. Instead, each bill has a brightly-colored holographic strip embedded into it which contains the denomination. The width of this strip also changes with the denomination. This introduces an element which makes each bill extremely easy to identify. There is also braille denoting the bills’ denomination on the holographic strip”.



Plus the designer actually prints the amendments on them.

The only thing against this design is that I think there’s something off with the numbers. The design looks great when looking at it straight on, but when you’re going through your wallet you can’t view the whole bill. My eye goes for the corners.

Maybe that’s why the current design positions the number amount in all four corners of each bill – so that you can determine the amount at a glance. I’m not sure you could do that with this design.