Pownce Vs. Twitter Revisited

Back in 2008 I wrote:

Some people, even Pownce’s founders, have said that they use Twitter for basic messaging/tweets and Pownce for everything else. Thing is, if Pownce can basically do tweets too, I don’t see the point of maintaining another service just for that.

What ended up happening is that Facebook borrowed a lot from Pownce. The way Facebook is today is pretty much the direction that Pownce was going in two years ago.

But then Facebook started adding bloat. Well, I think it’s bloat – but 69 million Farmville players can’t be wrong.

So while I don’t really think one should put a lot of energy into maintaining multiple social networking accounts, I do see why people do it. If Pownce continued to grow the way it was going it probably would’ve become some kind of Tumblr/Facebook hybrid. It might have gotten too busy and complicated to be useful.