Dvorak FFFFUUUUU on Apple Aluminum Keyboard

Today I decided I would finally convert my Apple Aluminum keyboard to Dvorak. I did this before with my Macbook Pro. It was the most frightening thing I’ve ever done on a computer since fright videos that ask you to turn up your volume. Or Goatse.

This was a lot easier to do on previous designs. The difference is that Apple moved their keyboards to a scissor mechanism similar to notebooks. It makes the keyboard thinner and requires less force to press a key.

I love it. I think the latest Apple keyboards are the best I’ve ever used.

The problem is that taking the keys off is a real pain, and if you detach a key’s scissor mechanism reattaching it as an aggravating, time consuming experience. It could be the closest you ever come to defusing a bomb Macgyver style.

Everything was going well…until:


For some reason it appears that Apple redesigned the aluminum keyboards in a way that makes it impossible to switch some keys around. In this example it’s the F key.

After seeing that I returned the keyboard back to QWERTY.

So I give up. I’ll just buy some stickers or something.

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