Quick Review: Bit Literacy


Bit Literacy is a book about using your computer.

If you’ve ever heard of Bit Literacy you probably don’t need to read Bit Literacy. Did you get here through a feed reader? Then this book is not for you.

Sure, you may benefit from it, but you could skim through pretty quickly if you’re the kind of person who uses keyboard shortcuts. Or knows how to set up search folders in your email software. Or can perform mail merges in Microsoft Word. Or name your documents something other than UntitledFile1.extension.

You’ll probably skip whole chapters, like the one that’s almost completely about the Todo webapp developed by the author. You probably use something else – perhaps a GTD app or plain-old Outlook tasks – that blows it away.

You could buy it, skim it, and give it to people who really need it…maybe tear out the pages you don’t agree with before you do. The point is it’s 2010 and there are people who still don’t understand what you and I probably take for granted everyday.

That’s who this book is for.