Microsoft Determined To Make Your Head Explode With Outlook Social Connector

What a horrible fucking idea.

Our vision for Outlook (and the OSC) is to provide a communications hub that is vital to both professional and personal communications; by integrating with both Facebook and MySpace, Outlook 2010 enables you to connect not only to co-workers and colleagues, but with all of your friends and family within your Outlook Inbox.


You can view friends’ activities, photos, and status updates within Outlook — as well as grow your network by adding friends from the same view. Both Facebook for Outlook and MySpace for Outlook will be available later this year as our official release of Office 2010 approaches.

If you use Outlook I can’t imagine why you’d want to invite MORE mini-bites of non-actionable data into your work life. You probably have enough already. Between this and all your worlds colliding (family and friends and work colleagues and DOGS AND CATS LIVING TOGETHER MASS HYSTERIA!!!) it seems like this is a recipe for information overload and disaster.

Really, how does “Did you see Kobe’s game the other night?” help you finish that sales report, or work on your marketing strategy, or improve the way your company does business?

There’s a difference between keeping in touch with people and inviting constant distraction into your life. This is the latter. It seems to me that Outlook Social Connector has little do to with helping you accomplish things that make you valuable to any employer…which is what Office should be all about. This is about boosting LinkedIn memberships.

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