Link: Why I’m Dropping Google

Google knows more about you than the NSA, and has recently shown that it doesn’t give a hoot about your privacy. The company has gotten too big, and has turned into just another corporation trying to maximize its assets—and those assets are you. Who’s to say Google won’t progressively loosen its privacy controls and monetize more and more personal information?

I think that if you’re going to drop Google for these reasons you should delete your Facebook account while you’re at it. Facebook has the potential to be far more damaging, I think.

If we’re going to come to terms that privacy is dead let’s also realize that any company that accepts personal information and runs ads against it could one day loosen privacy controls. That’s exactly what’s going on at Facebook, where the defaults are now to share everything with everybody.

I think it’s likely that in the next few years Facebook will abandon the whole concept of friends and adopt a more Twitter-like system. Facebook has more to gain by making almost everything public. Of course, they don’t call it that – they call it becoming more open and will try to keep people from posting things they should keep to themselves.

At least Google gives you a word processor. Facebook knows who you know, knows your favorite media, knows what sites you like to link to, and if they start a payment platform they’ll have your credit card and bank account details too.

They also have games – the only one I’ve played is “How Many Apps Can You Ignore?” It’s a long title and the game isn’t even that fun.