Link: Welcome To Rapture

Adam Serwer for The Atlantic on Bioshock:

…the first Bioshock game was something different—it was a shooter, but with the thematic complexity and consistency approaching that of literature. It’s not that BioShock tries to be a movie or a book—it’s that it utilizes the limitations of the video game form as plot devices the same way a poet wields rhyme and meter in a sonnet.

If you didn’t like Bioshock that much (I didn’t) don’t worry. It gets into politics, Ayn Rand, and tea baggers.

Plus Bioshock 2.

Re: Bioshock. Liked the story. Liked the setting. But the gameplay made it feel like I was actually READING a long Ayn Rand book with each Big Daddy representing a chapter I couldn’t wait to finish. Not because I was looking forward to the next page, but because “OMG! Let’ get this over with already!”