Link: Bullying Explained

From reddit comments:

People often think bullying is a result of kids being kids. It’s not. Its a direct result of placing them in the school system with its rules and authority apparatus. If you placed adults in an identical environment you would end up with bullying as well.

One of the main differences between school and the adult world is, in school if kids fight they will both be punished. You will often hear “I dont care who started it”.

In the adult world, whoever attacks is guilty of assault and the other person can defend themselves and will not be punished at all.

Don’t start fights, but if you’re in school and find yourself in a fight you’ve got to end it. Even if you get your ass kicked you’ll show that it’s too much hassle for someone to start messing with you. Otherwise you’ll be harassed for the rest of the time you’re in school.

Kind of like in prison.

That’s for boys though, and more honorable, no knives and guns fighting. Ever see girls get in a fight at school? That’s a whole other game. Girls fight dirty. They pull hair. They pull out piercings. They bite. Teeth and nails.

Boys fight, but girls? They kill.