Facebook Hiatus


I don’t think Facebook sucks, although Toxic Culture thinks it does:

My beef with Facebook isn’t really that the site is run by content-stealing jerks…And has nothing to do with this or the fact that it is probably some DARPA project. And I don’t mind that it encourages narcissism. And this is not about the hyper-annoying and now-hopefully-finished “25 things about me” meme. It’s more that getting regular updates about my “friends” is really just a daily reminder of either a) the lameness of the lives of my “friends” or b) my elitism and alienation because I render those judgments.

I’m beginning to see that I’m not getting as much out of Facebook as I’m putting in, so I’ve started weening myself off of Facebook. It’s only been a few days, but rather than check in a few times a day I’m going to start checking in maybe once a month or so.

Maybe it was the recent redesign that just revealed how low the signal/noise ratio was, and that making Facebook what I wanted it to be required a lot of maintenance. The craving for validation through notifications didn’t help either. A bigger part of this is also going on a media diet and saving time for creating things, rather than constantly consuming them.

I got myself into a “Check Facebook, Get Dopamine” feedback loop. So I’m letting go, or at least loosening my grip on it.

I’ll still post to my Facebook wall by proxy. Some of the other things I use (Last.fm, Flickr, Goodreads, Youtube) feed right back into it. That just means I’m not an active user.

So I built Facebookhiatus.com and made it the last thing I’ll actively post to my wall for a bit. You can do the same if you’d like. I made the page generic enough to work for anyone who feels the same way I do. You can even use this share button:

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