Link: The Return of the EP?

Waveformless mentions an article from the Denver Post about how as albums fade out EPs may be on the rise again.

“It has been talked about a lot, and I think it is, to some extent at least, true that the advent and subsequent domination of digital sales — and specifically the iTunes sales platform and the way they promote releases there — has put the focus back on singles in a way that was never the case during the CD era,” said Heliotis.

“I think driving sales around the release of a single or an EP is possible again because of these new realities — if iTunes gets behind an EP, it can take off in a way that would be extremely hard to replicate in the physical-sale market. And matching that sort of promo in an indie or chain retail is very expensive — definitely not cost-feasible for an EP with an $8 price tag.”

This is intriguing to me as an artist (granted, who has yet to release a full collection of tunes). Valve brought this to games with the Half-Life 2 Episodes, and everyone I know who’s played them is dying for the next installment.

I also think the idea of music with a narrative is an interesting one, and the EP may be a good way to explore it. Imagine if recording artist releases were as anticipated as the next season of Lost.