Let’s Go To College!

I got a catalog for the local community college. Let’s expand our minds!

Intro To Internet Development


Internet development focused on Javascript and written with notepad. Alternative title for this course was Torture 101.

Convention / Meeting / Expo Management


Get in today…because when the tradeshows die out the course is gone.

Accounting Micro Applications


Accounting and finance is more important than ever. You think everything’s fine and then one day you wake up and realize your business is missing essential vowels and consonants.

Ski Patrol Operations


If you decide to focus on ski patrolling, take this course. There’s another one floating around that doesn’t take itself very seriously at all. George Lopez will be your classmate.


In fact, it’s probably not a very good way to operate a ski patrol at all!



When I was a kid my family didn’t have a piano in the house. We had a synthesizer. So instead of telling my mom that I wanted to learn how to play the piano I told her I wanted to learn “the keyboard.”

She showed me that the community college had a course for keyboarding. I was excited, and then I read the description.

Can’t blame her for trying to understand wtf her kid was talking about.

Magic Religion and Witchcraft


I corrected the name of the instructor.



Sauce Theory


I know it’s probably important for a culinary arts degree, but I think it’s funny that there’s a course named “Sauce Theory I”. The implication is that this is the first in a series of sauce theories.